editor in chief of guild magazine Jose Morales
Jose Morales
Founder &
Luis De Jesus
Fashion Director
Coral Del Mar
Beauty Director
Isabel Merchand
Creative Arts Director
Jonathan Valdez
Food Director
Luis Pichardo
Analytics & Marketing Director
Nathalie Flores
Travel & Culture Director
Orlin Morales
Technology Director

Malvin Almanzar, Beauty & Fashion
Nadia Morales, Editing
Suellen Pineda, Food & Culture

Feraz Ahmed, Editing
Robert Nunez
Digital Design Consultant
Scott McGlashan
UK Travel & Culture Director-at-Large
Roxanne Hauldren
Fashion Editor-at-Large



"An organization of persons with related interests, goals, skills, and expertise. Especially formed to maintain the standards of their profession, to protect the interests of its members, and for the furtherance of their professional interests and skills."


"Designed to serve as a reliable and trusted voice for professionals and up-and-comers in the fields of photography, fashion, arts, travel, and food. A no-boundaries platform for individuals not afraid to push the limits of their expertise, while setting new standards in their professions, and art."  

-  Jose Morales, President/Editor in Chief.

guild magazine the ritz hotel in Paris

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