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Our New Issue is Now Available: The Food Issue

Our New Issue is Now Available: The Food Issue August 26, 2020
Guild Magazine The Food Issue - Fashion Art Travel & Food New York City Italy

By Feraz Ahmed

Guild Magazine The Food Issue - Fashion Art Travel & Food New York City Italy
Four covers celebrate this new print/digital issue.

Throughout history, food has played an integral role in our lives. Food binds humanity. It influences emotions and sentiment, and like art, it can be expressed in various ways. From a young age, I knew that food was an integral part of bringing people together and bridging the gaps between communities and cultures. My earliest memories have always been of my family and friends gathered together, and where food played a pivotal role in joy, happiness, and celebration. Whether it may be dining at a Michelin-starred restaurant or small family run cafe, food still plays this vital role. It is my pleasure, as a contributing Editor of Guild Magazine, to introduce you to our Food issue.

In this issue, we travel to the beautiful shores of the Sorrentine Peninsula in Italy, where we explore the delights of the renowned Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria in Sorrento. Sorrento boasts exquisite restaurants, one being the Michelin-starred Terraza Bosquet with Executive Chef Antonino Montefusco. Further ashore in mainland Europe, we travel to Paris to marvel at how Hotel du Petit Moulin, a former boulangerie-turned-hotel, captures the essence of food, fashion, art, and culture as imagined by the esteemed designer Christian Lacroix. 

The New York food scene is electrifying, with every imaginable craving being catered to. We are delighted to convey our insider knowledge on the prestige of the Cathédrale Restaurant, The Ophelia Lounge, and other establishments shaping the city’s food and cocktails scene.

Food is essential to our health and well-being, therefore in this issue, we sit down with Christy Wilson, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, to learn more about her work within the industry. Furthermore, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Suellen Pineda discusses prebiotics, probiotics, and healthy gut microbiomes. We also interview health expert and professional model Kiana Alexis about her past struggles with depression, eating disorders, and how today, she professionally supports others through their life journey.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a devastating global health crisis, leading to shared anxiety for the unprecedented. The travel and hospitality industries were significantly affected. However, slowly but surely, they are making a comeback. The world could not have achieved this without the great sacrifice and determination of health care professionals. Our ethos in Guild Magazine is also to support these inspiring individuals and provide a platform where their voices can be heard. Guild Magazine pays homage to the great nurses of New York City, and the world, and how they have worked tirelessly and with integrity in fighting this virus. – GM

Feraz Ahmed, Contributing Editor

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