Keith Christopher Unveiled His Newest Addition to the Human Spirit Collective Series during Art Basel Miami

Keith Christopher Unveiled His Newest Addition to the Human Spirit Collective Series during Art Basel Miami December 14, 2018
The Human Spirit Collective Series showcases a Limited Edition collectible design depicting strength, form, and beauty in the human spirit.

The figurative sculptor, Keith Christopher, unveiled “The Aerialist”, one of his iconic fine art sculptures, during Art Basel Miami 2018. The newly unveiled sculpture will now make its way to the Venetian in Las Vegas for the 2019 New Year. 

The 14-foot sculpture was an one year creation for the internationally recognized sculptor and artist. To obtain the subtle structures of a female physique, Christopher reached out to the aerial silks art community in Sarasota, Florida, home of the circus legacy Ringling Bros. He utilized 7 female models to obtain composition and precise details for body form. 

“Going back to five years old, Cirque and the circus have profoundly moved me. As a young child viewing the spectacular shows, and now as a professional sculptor, I find Cirque and ballet performers to be the ultimate expression of the beauty and strength of the human form. Their compositions, musculature and ability to reach near super human positions is second to none. I am excited to release the first of my Cirque and ballet series ‘The Aerialist’ represented in both a 14.5-foot monument and 7.5-foot maquette, followed immediately by the male counterpart later in 2019. Evoking emotion and hearing ‘Your work makes me feel’ is the single greatest compliment one can receive,” says Christopher.

Christopher was born in Arizona and raised by his father who instilled the values of commitment, craftsmanship, and strong work ethic. At the age of 15 and living on his own, Christopher found his calling; to preserve the precious moments of life in bronze. Christopher apprenticed for two years while at Arizona State University under renowned sculptor Dr. John M. Soderberg. During his tenure, he assisted with several monument commissions. At a young age, Christopher had already made an impact on the art world and was showing in premier galleries across the nation such as Galleria Di Sorrento in Caesars Palace and Exposures International in Sedona, AZ.

In honor and tribute to his father, Christopher’s first life size piece “First Day Home” depicts the joy, love, and hope that bond a parent and child. His style synergistically combines the best elements of classical with contemporary in a simple, yet compelling manner. Keith Christopher continues to express the timeless theme of the enduring beautiful human spirit, with “The Aerialist.” 

Christopher is extremely excited about his new patina finishes offered in his mixed media pieces. Not only are his works offered in bronze, but with Keith’s unique mixed media casting techniques, engineering solutions, and breakthrough in Patina finishes, a collector for the first time in the fine art market has the option to choose a nearly identical mixed media solution to bronze for one-fourth the cost. 

Art Basel was founded in 1970 by gallerists from Basel, Switzerland. Art Basel today stages the world’s premier art shows for Modern and contemporary art, sited in Basel, Miami Beach and Hong Kong. – GM

Images courtesy of Keith Christopher.
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