DZHUS SS/2019: Avant-garde Meets Utilitarian

DZHUS SS/2019: Avant-garde Meets Utilitarian November 23, 20181 Comment

DZHUS is a conceptual womenswear brand launched in 2010 by Ukrainian designer and stylist Irina Dzhus. Avant-garde yet utilitarian, DZHUS is known for innovative cut, multifunctional transformer garments and industrial-inspired aesthetics. Irina Dzhus generates experimental constructions, using her extraordinary ability of a thorough insight into the complex structure of the ambient and a deep understanding of its architectonic potential. Comprehending metaphysics of the form and its antipode, volumes and silhouettes, surfaces and voids, contours and textures, the designer explores the possibilities of interaction of the surrounding space’s constitutive parts.

DZHUS’ lines have been presented during Paris Fashion Week, International Fashion Showcase in London, Ukrainian Fashion Week, Helsinki Fashion Week, Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days and “Designblok” Prague Design and Fashion Week. 

Short-listed for the International Woolmark Prize in 2015, DZHUS clothing is stocked at concept stores in the USA, Austria, Japan, China, Australia, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Ukraine and sold online worldwide.

The brand’s ideology stands for consciousness and humanity. All DZHUS garments are made of cruelty-free materials. – GM

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  1. la produccion de indumentaria es soberbia y cada pieza es una obra de arte………..admiracon

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