Eatable of Many Orders by Koji and Yoko Arai

Eatable of Many Orders by Koji and Yoko Arai November 24, 2018
Eatable of Many Orders - Spring/Summer 2019

Koji and Yoko Arai started their own brand in Atami, Japan in 2007. In 2016, they opened EOMO store, a shop and atelier in Atami. They aim to create an environment that evokes consciousness about the materials used, and the process of production, with a result of people becoming more sensitive about the act of wearing fashion. Every collection is based on a food related theme, and research of its historical background, followed by the collection of inspirational sources, pursue of materials, and integrating the rituals into the design.

EOMO is a generic name of the handmade leather bag brand EATABLE and the clothing brand, Eatable of Many Orders. – GM

Images courtesy of Eatable of Many Orders

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