G-Star RAW Men/Women Winter 2019

G-Star RAW Men/Women Winter 2019 July 6, 2019
Guild Magazine G Star RAW

Editor: Jose Morales

Guild Magazine G Star RAW

Established in 1989, G-Star continues to be one of the leaders in the denim industry due to its dedication to denim craftsmanship while taking revolutionary risks. The brand was the company that invented 3D Denim in 1996, introducing a method of jean construction that sculpts the body’s form.

G-Star focuses on perfecting its engineering techniques instead of merely focusing on the design process. This has led to some of the most loved styles of Denim in the market, providing ideal size, shape, and a desirable position of pockets, and waistbands.

Beyond its focus on jeans, the brand produces season collections for both men and women that includes shirts, outwear, footwear, eyewear, and much more. G-Star remains focused on its mission to explore alternative forms of manufacturing while collaborating with multiple artists, designers, and manufacturers, such as Leica cameras and Land Rover. ‘RAW Crossovers’ is an essential outcome of this collaborative spirit. – GM

Guild Magazine G Star RAW
Guild Magazine G Star RAW
Images courtesy of G Star
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