Global Fashion Collective – NYFW Spring Summer 2024

Global Fashion Collective – NYFW Spring Summer 2024 September 16, 2023
Justin Jacob Louis Global Fashion NYFW Spring Summer 2024 – Guild Magazine

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Justin Jacob Louis Global Fashion NYFW Spring Summer 2024 – Guild Magazine
Global Fashion Collective - NYFW Spring Summer 2024

New York City – Even as the world of fashion continues to change faster than designers can keep up with, driven by fast-fashion fads on TikTok and a post-pandemic world, New York Fashion Week (NYFW) remains one of the most significant global events in the industry. The old concept of NYFW is a thing of the past, which is a good thing. No longer are the elite brands the only ones able to showcase their latest collections during this exhilarating week. The past few years have seen the rise of various organizations, such as the Global Fashion Collective, that offer a platform for new and emerging talent to showcase their collections to the world and gain well-deserved recognition from fashion industry insiders. In this ever-evolving fashion landscape, these platforms are vital to helping NYFW adapt to the times and embrace diversity, creativity, and fresh perspectives. As we look to the future, it will be exciting to witness how NYFW as a whole continues to evolve, giving a voice to a wider array of designers and celebrating and honoring the innovative spirit that drives the fashion world.

Justin Jacob Louis

Justin Jacob Louis Global Fashion NYFW Spring Summer 2024 – Guild Magazine
Justin Jacob Louis - NYFW Spring Summer 2024

Without a doubt, one of the most memorable shows of this NYFW Spring Summer 2024 season was by designer Justin Jacob Louis, a member of the Samson Cree Nation in Canada. The designer, known for his label Section 35, launched his first eponymous brand collection after a mesmerizing and captivating performance by distinguished dancers from the Indigenous Enterprise. The collection celebrates Nehiyaw (Plains Cree) culture while raising social awareness about the historical plights still faced today by the indigenous peoples of North America. 

The collection showcases an array of styles, spanning from casual to business casual attire, with a notable emphasis on a variety of trench coats. Throughout the show, sneakers, and mocassins took center stage as the preferred footwear choice, and the garments featured a relaxed fit, ensuring a blend of comfort and stand-out style for the wearer.

Hyper Couture

Hyper Couture Global Fashion NYFW Spring Summer 2024 – Guild Magazine
Hyper Couture - NYFW Spring Summer 2024

Vibrating with an urban and trendy vibe, the latest collection from Hyper Couture dazzles with audacious graffiti-inspired creations. The Spring Summer 2024 collection offers an array of stylish statement pieces tailored for those seeking to set themselves apart from the rest. Embracing Converse as the footwear of choice, the collection is the ultimate expression of inner rebellion and fearless fashion. The grand finale of this captivating collection was a show-stopping wedding dress that mesmerized those in the audience with its audacity and creativity.


SAQULAI Global Fashion NYFW Spring Summer 2024 – Guild Magazine
SAQULAI - NYFW Spring Summer 2024

SAQULAI’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection is an authentic display of cultivated sophistication and allure through a lineup of formal ensembles evoking images of a breathtaking red-carpet affair. Every piece is meticulously embellished with masterful artistry, resulting in a collection that dazzles with luxury and skill.


SISIO Global Fashion NYFW Spring Summer 2024 – Guild Magazine
SISIO - NYFW Spring Summer 2024

Designer Charlotte Shao’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection for SISIO draws inspiration from her dreams, spiritual beliefs, and her connection to the element of water. Her exploration further extends into the rich tapestry of Japanese and Chinese cultures, delving into their captivating folklore, traditions, and influences, crafting a style that transcends conventional boundaries and challenges stereotypes. Notably, she also incorporates Buddhist scriptures and handcrafted crystal accessories, harnessing their potent symbolism and spiritual power in her designs.

Patrycja Plesiak

Patrycja Plesiak Global Fashion NYFW Spring Summer 2024 – Guild Magazine
Patrycja Plesiak - NYFW Spring Summer 2024

Patrycja Plesiak’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection presents a captivating range of graceful garments that radiate a fragile and otherworldly allure. The infusion of translucent elements, understated color palettes, and beautiful, open-back designs emphasizes the collection’s inherent feminine charm while giving a nod to the nostalgic elegance and overall aesthetic of decades past.


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