Guild Magazine The Fashion Issue is available now in premium print & digital formats!

Guild Magazine The Fashion Issue is available now in premium print & digital formats! January 6, 2020


The 4th fashion issue of Guild Magazine is inspired by fashion. Not only as it refers to clothing, accessories, and the lifestyles influenced by it, but also by the people who drive the industry.

Growing up in the mountains as a young boy in a small town in the Dominican Republic called Jarabacoa, which means “Land of Waters” in its original Taino language, I was already in love with fashion. I used to look at fashion shows on our old TV or go through outdated magazines that would make it to our town months after their original release for hours and say to myself, “One day, I would love to be part of this fantastic world of creativity, fabrics, and glamour!” Oscar De La Renta, a fellow Dominican, and my favorite fashion designer, heavily influenced my perception of fashion at that time. His majestic gowns being a perfect representation of a woman’s beauty, and the qualities he most admired in women: confidence and kindness.

When I moved to New York City in 1999, the feeling of culture shock was heightened by the so many different fashion styles I saw on the streets of New York City. Styles that differed from one borough to the next, and which many times, and to this day, were heavily influenced by the cultural backgrounds of the people living in those boroughs. The style from Jackson Heights, Queens, quite different from that of the Upper East side in Manhattan or the South Bronx. This was when I learned that fashion is a language we all have the opportunity to speak in one way or the other. A language that allows us to speak our minds, to express our thoughts, emotions, and feelings, and gives us the freedom to be ourselves or whoever we want to be. It is also a language that transcends generations. A period of time portrayed in a picture can be identified immediately by the style of clothes people are wearing. There is also the feeling a granddaughter feels when wearing her beloved grandmother’s vintage gown or when you close your eyes and picture your mother in her characteristic style, sparking precious memories of the past. These are just a few examples that sum up how powerful and encompassing the language of fashion is.

Fashion can change from one season to the next, but what never changes is the hold it has over society, and the role it plays in our world. A new decade is here, and while in the past fashion has also served to separate us, I feel confident that in this more conscious society we are living in, trends in fashion will continue to unify women and men around the world. I also hope we continue to raise awareness about how we consume fashion and the impact it has on our environment. It is also my hope that we will continue to bring to light the many issues in the industry (such as the lack of female representation in fashion’s top jobs, and cruelty within the modeling industry), and that we continue to support our young, up-coming designers while moving away from fast fashion and consumerism.

I really hope you enjoy this issue and that in this new decade, you join us on our mission to serve as a trusted voice and advocates for our designers and young entrepreneurs. – GM


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