Hugo Boss Dresses the Most Prestigious Soccer Clubs

Hugo Boss Dresses the Most Prestigious Soccer Clubs December 3, 2018
The German National Football Team in Hugo Boss

Players and staff of multiple soccer leagues, including the French Ligue 1 soccer club Paris Saint-Germain, will be wearing new BOSS looks for the upcoming 2018/2019 season during the European competition and home games. 

In combination with a wool/cashmere blend coat, the teams will wear elegant BOSS suits from the special ‘Create Your Look” line for the Champions Leagues as well as for important home games. A white cotton shirt with a pure silk navy tie accessorized with black leather shoes and belts perfect the classic slim-cut, dark blue suits. For other home games, they will wear a casual outfit. 

HUGO BOSS, which shares the same aspiration to perfection as the soccer champions, will provide the teams with its tailoring expertise and make sure they are also renowned for their style and elegance.

The looks are available in BOSS stores worldwide.  – GM

Liverpool FC

Images courtesy of Hugo Boss

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