Androgyny Remains the Name of the Game in Today’s Fashion World

Androgyny Remains the Name of the Game in Today’s Fashion World November 26, 2018
Linder Spring/Summer 2019

Historically, fashion has been used as a form of expression for many, serving as a catalyst that has helped to break through various stereotypes. In today’s world, the topics of gender identity and human rights continue to go hand in hand. Now, more than ever, fashion continues to serve as a voice for people wanting to express their true identity. Acceptance, and freedom to be who you are, remain the name of the game in today’s fashion, and Linder delivers this message with a powerful, androgynous, Spring/Summer 2019 womenswear collection.

Launched in New York City in 2013, Linder is a ready- to-wear brand that reflects the partnership of Co-Creative Directors and Designers, Sam Linder and Kirk Millar. With different artistic backgrounds – Sam in art and photography, and Kirk in fashion – the brand has developed into a creative process that is powerfully eccentric. The fruit of their creativity are collections that are timeless, drawing reference from different fashion eras, while remaining unique to the brands identity. – GM

Images courtesy of Linder

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