Sitting with the Guild Team at NYFW A/W 2019: Backstage with Oxford Fashion Studio

Sitting with the Guild Team at NYFW A/W 2019: Backstage with Oxford Fashion Studio March 5, 2019
NYFW F/W 2019 - Oxford Fashion Studio

This past February, we had backstage access to the Oxford Fashion Studio collective, which presented a total of 14 designers over the course of two shows during NYFW A/W 2019 at Pier 59 Studios. The collections represented a varied range of talent, showcasing from eveningwear to street-style, for both men and women.  
We enjoy attending fashion collectives, as they highlight independent fashion designers from all over the world, and help to exposed new talent while giving them a stage to showcase their work. Oxford Fashion Studio has an extensive history and has worked with nearly 700 designers from all over the world over the past 10 years. Below, we bring you some of our favorites from the collective. – GM

Backstage pictures © Jonathan Valdez for Guild Magazine

Pheren Couture 

Pheren Couture FW19 collection, LACRIMOSA, is nothing short of mesmerizing. The dreamy collection is inspired by both nature and the architecture and interior design of the Royal Palace. Lace, crystals, tulle, and pearls dominate the collection. The red-carpet-ready gowns were completed with haunting masks, adding a touch of mystery. A twisted cross-cultural ode to the European and Indonesian Majapahit Empire.  

Delayne Dixon 

Women who are not afraid to break the mold set by society’s standard was the inspiration behind this new collection by Dixon. The collection featured looks that are both romantic, and edgy. Posh fabrics, such as luxe faux furs mixed with shiny vinyl and bold metallics, made the collection vivid, pushing Dixon’s message for women to embrace their inner vixens.


Out-of-Order raised their political voice with their collection titled “Code 417.” Code 417 is the police radio code used in New York to indicate “Person with a Gun.” The collection pushed boundaries during this NYFW, raising awareness about the rampant gun shootings in the USA. The striking street style aimed to inspire a deeper conversation about this important matter, featuring hats, surgical masks, and jackets with the words “Guns Kill.” The brand is a streetwear label founded by 3 friends who are passionate about this category of fashion.


C’EST D returned this year with a new collection that drew inspiration from Korean culture. ‘Shinaburo’ is a Korean ancient word which means ‘little by little, gradually’. C’EST D continues its mission to change society’s perspective of the fashion world. Parsons School of Design, Fashion Design alumni and designer, Doyeon Yoni Yu, promotes body positivity and size inclusivity. She brings those into her designs, designing fashion for all body types, featuring a color palette that is refreshing while choosing creative fabrics to accentuate the female form.


Nina D. Quantas was born in Milan and raised in Shanghai. As a teenager being raised in the U.S., her interests led to a curiosity and desire to redefine what it means to dress feminine while not losing one’s individuality. Combining classic touches with modern aesthetics, the A/W 2019 collection featured strong looks with the urban woman in mind.


For A/W 2019, Meg Beck drew inspiration from classic feminine looks, athletic wear, and grunge. Working with tulle, floral prints, handcrafted grid fabrics, and repurposed materials, Beck created a collection that mixes multiple textures and forms while reviving and remodeling traditional women’s wear.

Courtesy of Oxford Fashion Studio

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