Sitting with the Guild Team at NYFW A/W 2019: Seven Crash

Sitting with the Guild Team at NYFW A/W 2019: Seven Crash February 25, 2019
NYFW F/W 2019 - Seven Crash

The Seven Crash FW 2019 collection presented during this NYFW is the outcome of an innovative collaboration between Seven Crash and BASF. They have used fabrics such as Haptex and Freeflex, an ingenious solution for artificial leather that does not use organic solvents. This has helped the brands to embrace sustainability in both quality and design, and to continue their mission to create a realm of endless possibilities within the world of fashion.

Seven Crash has extended their potential, using different fabrics to bring to life their imaginative ideas, with a focus on the word of Quantum. The FW2019 color palette of silver and black is representative of different energies which are animated by other vibrant hues. Metallic and reflective textiles showcase the collection’s futuristic design — a future where humans can display their unique personalities, and beliefs through fashion. – GM

NYFW F/W 2019 - Seven Crash
Courtesy of seven Crash
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