Sitting with the Guild Team at NYFW S/S 2020: taoray taoray

Sitting with the Guild Team at NYFW S/S 2020: taoray taoray September 14, 2019

By Jose Morales & Luis De Jesus

taoray taoray x Yi'S EMBROIDERY, CHUXIONG x NEW YORK NYFW S/S 2020.

New York City – The founder and CEO of taoray taoray, Taoray Wang, firmly believes that fashion is not only about beauty, but also about capturing and harnessing social energy. In the past few years, the designers of taoray taoray have become some of China’s most successful designers. During this New York Fashion Week Spring / Summer 2020, the designers showcased a collection for both women and men. A collection heavily influenced by Asian traditions, but with the modern twist characteristic of the designs by the taoray taoray team. 

The plans for this collection, ‘taoray taoray x Yi’S EMBROIDERY, CHUXIONG x NEW YORK,‘ were first conceived when the taoray taoray team was introduced to Yi embroidery. In this collection, the design team implemented the use of patterns, colors, and techniques of Yi’s culture into their contemporary fashion design. The Yi ethnic group has thousands of years of history, and Yi’s embroidery, with its beautiful and delicate patterns and bright colors, are symbolic of the importance of the Yi people’s art and culture in Asia. By studying this cultural history, and working to enhance the appreciation for Yi’s craftsmanship, the taoray taoray team aims to help resurrect original values and traditions together with the Yi people, and to preserve Yi culture. – GM

The taoray taoray design team. NYFW S/S 2020.
Video courtesy of taoray taoray by Essay Video.
Images courtesy of taoray taoray by Getty Images.


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