Sitting with The Guild Team at New York Fashion Week SS/19: Dan Liu Brings His Japanese Heritage to NYFW

Sitting with The Guild Team at New York Fashion Week SS/19: Dan Liu Brings His Japanese Heritage to NYFW September 18, 2018
NYFW / DAN LIU. Designer Dan Liu performs a samurai dance before his show. Dan Liu. @ Getty Image.

At the Spring/Summer’19 season of NYFW: The Shows at Spring Studios, designer Dan Liu showcased Part I of the “Ima, Nippon” (いま、日本) collection, translated to “Nowadays, Japan”.  The show opened in the designer’s true fashion with Dan himself masked and performing a samurai dance.

Dan Liu’s signature feminine cocktail dresses came down the runway of course, but this season with the influence of Japanese spirit, a part of his heritage. The Southeastern country is rare in that it keeps traditional culture even today in the modern society, even though technology and progress has caused a lot of changes in its development and made traditions fade away. Dan Liu’s goal was to produce a collection and show that enveloped this juxtaposition between modernity and traditional culture.

This was the first part of the collection to unveil, split in two because Dan Liu has so much to tell about Japan, its culture, traditional arts, modern designs, exceptional fashion trends, amazing food culture, irreplaceable cities and places and so much more. The designer used his design elements like traditional masks, fabrics and colors to show the world that Japanese culture is harmonious and diverse, so women all over the world could wear his creations with joy, confidence and comfortability. 

Dan Liu’s signature lace, embroidery, and beading enhanced the design of the delicate dresses. This season, Dan Liu’s choice of fabrics and textiles was influenced by the designer’s multi-cultural heritage, including Japanese, and based on seasonal features such as lightness, airiness, floral materials, and butterfly accents. The Part I of the “Ima, Nippon” (いま、日本) collection mostly consisted of black, pink, blue, and white, but there were several mixed colors and patterns in the collection representing the diversity and complexity of Japan as a unique country in the Far East with its history, discipline, and culture.

Dan Liu’s customer is undeniably elegant, tasteful, and feminine at the same time. Dan Liu’s unique designs are crafted to give customers confidence and make them passionate enough to know that they are beautiful.

Notable attendees included Miss Universe Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, Francesca Curran of Orange is the New Black, actress Jenn Lyon of Claws, and singer Julie Mintz.

About Dan Liu

Award-winning Canadian designer, Dan Liu, draws his inspirations for DAN LIU and TATSUAKI designs from his Chinese and Japanese heritage. With emphasis on beauty and practicality, his debut knitwear collection was so unique that numerous Hollywood celebrities frequented his first Yorkville store in Toronto. The TATSUAKI women’s line has since evolved into ‟Funky Couture” while “Elegant Couture” is the perfect characterization of DAN LIU’s line.

Both labels often appear with knit, crochet, lace, embroidery and beaded details and they are favored by young executives as its chic yet elegant apparel can be worn from day to night. As Designer-in-Chief, Dan is best known for contemporary dresses and his tailoring that accentuates the female form with a romantic flair. Dan’s versatility can be seen from various themes of his collections. Working from concept to patterns, he incorporates color contrasts, details and wearability to ensure every piece is perfect from any angle.

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