Sitting with The Guild Team at New York Fashion Week SS/19: OFS Presents Fifteen Independent Labels at NYFW

Sitting with The Guild Team at New York Fashion Week SS/19: OFS Presents Fifteen Independent Labels at NYFW September 15, 2018

During New York Fashion Week, Oxford Fashion Studio took over Pier 59 Studios presenting Spring/Summer 2019 collections from 15 independent fashion designers from all over the globe. 

 Oxford Fashion Studio held three runway shows throughout the day with the goal of promoting independent fashion designers for the good of creativity. Oxford Fashion Studio serves as a platform to guide brands to the next level with their group runway show concept. 

 “We began Oxford Fashion Studio with a love of supporting independent design talent. Going all out for individuals we believe in; for the good of independence, originality and integrity. 9 years on we are responsible for continuing to strengthen over 639 independent, quality designers, ranging from over 70 countries, to give them a platform in the four fashion capitals during fashion week. The talents we scout have often been undiscovered in the fashion capitals and we’re incredibly proud to be the ones to bring them to the front line of the industry.” says Runway Director, Tiffany Saunders

 Guild Magazine was present during their shows, and we bring you the highlights below. 

WHY MARY: The collection, Crystal Maze, is inspired by the 60’s and 70’s rebellious fashion while reflecting on current global social and political movements. The colour palette is created from a bold kaleidoscopic of floral print simulating confusion and change.

JESSTURE: Light, It wraps you and exposes you; it penetrates you and placates you; it shepherds and it sways; it glitters and it awakes. Eternity dwells in it, it waltzing at your fingertip. Don’t hide from the night. The darker the night is, the brighter the stars shine.

DR ZWACK: Bold as Love was inspired by the venerable Jimi Hendrix song and album “Bold as Love.” Working with the vibration of color, Dr Zwack will present a dress in every color of the rainbow just as Jimi sings of in his lyrics. It is the designer’s aspiration to ennoble the spirit of Jimi Hendrix by channeling his song into a collection imbued with his music.

NIKI SRINIVASA: Spring into Joy pushed the boundaries of how to incorporate dynamic silhouettes and unique fabric choices. The designer has two extremely juxtaposing sources of inspiration: Game of Thrones, and retro 90’s fashion. Military style layered clothing and layered gowns parallel the various layers Game of Thrones itself brings in.

GEOJ OFFICIAL: Two collections were shown. N was bold and in your face, while the Mil portion encompassed softer more muted tones. N & Mil are quite different than any of Geoj Official’s previous work.

CAROLINE PERLINO: Op. Symphony Nº 0000 is inspired by the vibrant palette of colors of galaxies around our Observable Universe and the concept of time, travel and space.

CAROLINE SMOUSE: Boum incorporates Carolines’s love of knitwear and passion for colour. The entirely crochet collection was a breath of fresh bohemian air displaying striped tops, rompers, and flare bottoms.

ATALANKA: The designer has always been inspired by the simple complexity of the night sky. Anata came from the dark night sky, the glimmer of a star and the dreams invoked by such a marvelous display.

C’est D: Fatopia: The Celebration of Flesh is redefining the concept of ‘fat’. We need to remove the stigma of this word and accept it just as it is. To achieve that, the designer is unapologetically designing “FASHION for FAT bodies,” and ultimately providing ‘choices’ that we’re missing right now.

VIKTORIA TISZA: Viktoria Tisza gives swimwear collections a futurist look inspired by the science fiction filming industry. Materials used in this collection were unconventional, making a statement through their bold combination of white, bright yellow, clear and black.

LESUNJA: Come along on a journey through luxury and glamour. Jet Set, the handcrafted, self-designed collection by Lesunja, is inspired by some of the most trendy places in the world and thus is an homage to the jet set life.

DAYKEYLA: Schizo was inspired by female villains and the gothic culture. Some pieces are inspired by Morticia of the Addams family, Harley Quinn, and vampires. The looks form a gothic inspired collection with a twist of color.

METICULOUSLY ECCENTRIC: Mod Squad Goals was inspired by the color, fun and creativity of the 60’s and 70’s. From psychedelic to disco these pieces feature bold colors that are daring and designs that are simple, yet eccentric.

DM JEWELRY DESIGNS: DM Jewelry Designs originated from a presented vision and noted feelings when the exquisite materials are curated. They come from the heart and soul, with each piece having its own “soul.”

MEGAN CANNINGS: The beauty of spring as everything comes to life in this fantastic theatrical performance of colours and textures called Spring Bouquet.

About Oxford Fashion Studio 

Oxford Fashion Studio presents independent and emerging global fashion brands to press and stockists through a runway show platform around the world. Its team of curators reviews more than 40,000 designers a year issuing invitations to brands with original concepts to present their collections in the world’s four fashion capitals. They are experts on these cities and the global fashion currents that flow through them. OFS has produced over 100 runway shows presenting more than 6000 looks across New York, London, Milan and Paris. For more information please visit follow along on Instagram at @oxfordfashionstudio.

NYFW / OFS SHOWCASE. @ IMaxtree. 2018

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