Perri Ellis International and Cubavera Celebrate and Honor Hispanic Roots With Art

Perri Ellis International and Cubavera Celebrate and Honor Hispanic Roots With Art October 12, 2018
Artist Alexander Mijares @mijares

Global fashion house, Perry Ellis International, and the company’s Latin-inspired Cubavera® brand have launched #CubaveraIcons, a multi-faceted campaign to celebrate Hispanic Heritage. As part of the campaign, Cubavera has partnered with internationally-recognized artists Gustavo NovoaAlexander Mijares, and Edward Granger to produce one-of-a-kind works inspired by the brand’s iconic roots.

Cubavera and Perri Ellis International celebrate Hispanic heritage because of their deep connections to Hispanic culture. The Cubavera brand embraces the authentic Latin lifestyle, infusing iconic styles with modern details to create a unique and fresh approach to fashion that is full of joy, vibrancy, and colors. Vibrant prints, sophisticated embroideries, and updated styling are incorporated into each seasonal collection, putting a little Latin ritmo and tropical sabor into your every day. “I see Cubavera as a kind of ambassador – not only as a fashion, but as an art form of the Cuban culture,” tells us, Gustavo Novoa when discussing the brand, and his work.

Artist Gustavo Novoa @gustavonovoapainter

For artist Edward Granger, the collaboration with these brands was a no-brainer. “The pieces are not only inspired by my work but also by la guayabera,” he tells us. “I think there are a lot of similarities amongst the symmetry and the proportions in the line-work in my work that you can also find in the shirts.”

Being raised in a Cuban family has influenced artist Alexander Mijares’s work. He has also become acutely aware of how fashion and art intermix with each other in this date and age. “An artist can look into fashion to find inspiration, and a fashion designer can look at an artist for inspiration. I think that both gain something from it,” he tells us.

The three art pieces created by the acclaimed artists will be live on from October 15th to November 1st where all proceeds will benefit the National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts, aiming to advance the presence of Latinos in the media, telecommunications and entertainment industries. – GM

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Artist Edward Granger @_edwardgranger

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Videos courtesy of Perri Ellis International and Cubavera®

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