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Seditious Simplicity: Prada 2020 Resort Campaign

Seditious Simplicity: Prada 2020 Resort Campaign November 18, 2019

New York City, USA – No longer an inactive image: the Prada 2020 Resort campaign is integrated into everyday life, defeating convention by tearing down those restrictions. It debuts idiosyncratically, on the pages of magazines, and as something to be experienced, driving us to want to live the Prada experience.

As the Prada Resort collection introduces an alternate perspective on classicism – the concept of simplicity as a revolution, of the extraordinary to be found within the ordinary – we also find a fresh perspective in this campaign, a distinct take on the concept of fashion advertising.

The campaign is a celebration of the romance and beauty of everyday life, and the cherished moments and stories created by each individual. It is about the realness of life and how precious it is while creating an open conversation and intimacies to be shared.

The campaign features real paper images wrapped around bouquets, which can be found at florists stands in the fashion capitals of the world – New York, London, Milan, Paris, Moscow, Shanghai, Tokyo. – GM

Images & video courtesy of Prada


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