Q&A with Designer Muhammad Sadad of Erigo – NYFW Spring/Summer 2022

Q&A with Designer Muhammad Sadad of Erigo – NYFW Spring/Summer 2022 September 13, 2021
Erigo X SS 2022 Guild Magazine
Erigo X SS 2022 Guild Magazine
Erigo X - NYFW S/S 2022
Indonesian designer Muhammad Sadad showcased his latest collection for Erigo during this New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2022. Founded in 2011, the Indonesian streetwear brand has become one of the top fashion brands in Indonesia. Throughout its success, Sadad has continued with his vision and mission to always recognize the brand’s Indonesian heritage and create jobs locally by manufacturing in Indonesia.
Erigo X SS 2022 Guild Magazine
Erigo X - NYFW S/S 2022
Q & A

1 – This is your first time showcasing ERIGO at New York Fashion Week, but surprisingly, it is also your first time at a Fashion Week event. How does this achievement make you feel?

I’m very grateful for the opportunity and the response we have received from everyone around the world about the collection. 

2 – As a designer, who do you feel is the ERIGO client?

Erigo is an accessible fashion brand. We want to keep providing fashion items at an affordable price. The original Erigo was more focused on essential daily wear; however, this new line, Erigo X, will cater to streetwear fashion enthusiasts. The collection is available in a wide range of sizes and can be custom ordered. 

3 – Being one of Indonesia’s most influential daily-wear brands, what is your vision within the American market?

We really wanted to tap into the US market. Hopefully, we can do partnerships with e-commerce retailers here in the US. 

4 – “ERIGO X” was created especially for NYFW. What can you tell us about this collection and the evolution of ERIGO as a brand?

The collection celebrates fashion for all. The pieces are versatile, very easy to mix and match. The garments for Erigo X are also unisex and colorful.

5 – In a world saturated by fast fashion and its adverse impact on our environment, how do you, as an independent designer, aim to counteract this damage with ERIGO?

In the fashion industry, many brands produce their clothes in Indonesia. We actually got many of our fabrics from the leftover of those fashion brands and upcycled them. We have many vendors who partner with us to help solve the major waste problem that exists in the fashion industry. 

6 – What can you tell us about the manufacturing of Erigo?

We care about our employees. We have our production team in-house and provide housing as well. Our headquarter is in a three-story building in a 3 hectares area in Indonesia. We really want to have the best quality control on our clothing and provide a quality work environment for our employees. 

7 – After taking over New York City during this New York Fashion Week, what is next for ERIGO?

Erigo will enter the international market for sure. Perhaps we will join Milan or Paris Fashion Week. We aim to continue to have more exposure on a global scale. – GM


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