Taipei Fashion Week SS24: A Journey into Cultural Resonance and Creative Innovation

Taipei Fashion Week SS24: A Journey into Cultural Resonance and Creative Innovation October 29, 2023
BOB Jian – Taipei Fashion Week SS24 – Guild Magazine
By Jose Morales
BOB Jian – Taipei Fashion Week SS24 – Guild Magazine
Taipei's Mayor Mr. Chiang Wan-an dressed in BOB Jian during Taipei Fashion Week SS24.
For Spring/Summer 2024, Taipei Fashion Week celebrated Taiwan's vibrant street fashion and youth culture.

Taipei, Taiwan – Cultivating and celebrating culture hinges on the passion and enthusiasm of a set of people for the things they identify with and which they grow to hold dear. In the realm of popular culture, the driving force unquestionably lies with our youth, their natural curiosity and innate ability to pave new ways, challenge norms, push limits, and make and break trends, all while utilizing the many resources available at their fingertips today, including technology and various forms of media. Undoubtedly, the younger generation of today are the new explorers and conquerors of the world. For the highly anticipated Taipei Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2024, held from October 11 to October 22, 2023, the Taipei City Government collaborated with the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and Vogue Taiwan to honor this conquering spirit by aptly adopting the theme “Youth Culture,” celebrating the unique blend of style, art, innovation, and cultural diversity Taipei Fashion Week has come to be internationally recognized for.

For Spring-Summer 2024, the various brands and exceptionally talented designers showcasing on the runway displayed an affinity for imaginative, cutting-edge design concepts, evidently influenced not only by Taiwan’s vibrant street fashion and bustling nightlife but also by global street culture. During this groundbreaking season, innovation intertwined seamlessly with artistry, creating a spectacle that defied convention and thrilled the senses of guests present while reimagining the boundaries of streetwear. Across every show, the designers’ imagination weaved together urban narratives and stories of artistic expression through a tapestry of fascinating color palettes, textured fabrics, and high fashion sensibilities. Taipei Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2024 was not merely a runway show. It was a celebration of youthful and fearless ingenuity. It was a testament to the transformative power of fashion and culture in the face of unbounded creativity. This season will certainly not only inspire new trends but will most likely redefine contemporary fashion on a worldwide scale.

A Grand Finale: Fashion, Music and Visual Artistry

The closing runway show held at the Taipei Dome on October 22 was a grand finale that combined musical and visual artistry, showcasing the work of JUST IN XX, ALLENKO3, Story Wear, TUNGSUNGCHIEN, PCES, and BOB Jian. The event was a celebration of creativity, innovation, diversity, and Taipei’s unwavering support for the fashion industry and its commitment to nurturing and showcasing the diverse talents that Taiwan has to offer.

JUST IN XX: A Bold Homage to the 90s
Rapper Dizzy Dizzo performs for JUST IN XX during Taipei Fashion Week SS24.

We have to admit that one of our favorite Taiwanese brands is JUST IN XX, by the trailblazing designer Zhou Yuying Justin. In 2020, JUST IN XX was the first Taiwanese designer brand to enter the official New York Fashion Week calendar, a testament to Yuying’s ability to bridge cultural aspects of the East and West while reinventing the brand’s aesthetics from season to season. 

In true Yuying’s fashion, for SS24, JUST IN XX fused Taiwanese heritage with humorous modern aesthetics to pay homage to the 90s monochrome style. Inspired by the nation’s diverse agricultural landscape, the collection harmonized traditional craftsmanship with avant-garde, exaggerated, and dramatic silhouettes, highlighting voluminous and bold garments that included puffy knitted sweaters and dresses with cloud-like texture, epitomizing cozy chicness with a modern twist. During the show, rapper Dizzy Dizzo added an additional burst of exuberance by donning a JUST IN XX purple suit inspired by grapes.

ALLENKO3: Fashion Inspired by Kafka
ALLENKO3 Taipei Fashion Week SS24
ALLENKO3: Fashion Inspired by Kafka - Taipei Fashion Week SS24.

For SS24, ALLENKO3 drew inspiration from Kafka’s timeless masterpiece, Metamorphosis, which tells the story of a salesman who wakes one morning to find himself inexplicably transformed into a giant insect and his struggles to adjust to this new form. Also titled “METAMORPHOSIS,” the ALLENKO3 collection featured a collaboration with emerging Hakka rapper Yappy and string musicians, creating a dark and invigorating contrast for the looks. The dark color palette lent to garments that embodied transformation and the ethereal while experimenting with fabrics varying from denim to silk.

Story Wear: Redefining Fashion with Art, Craftsmanship, and Sustainability
Story Wear – Taipei Fashion Week SS24
Story Wear: Redefining Fashion with Art, Craftsmanship, and Sustainability - Taipei Fashion Week SS24.

Since launching in 2018, sustainable fashion brand Story Wear has continued its mission to spark conversations about social change and the rising textile waste issue in Taiwan caused by factors like fast fashion and irresponsible consumption. The brand operates under the concept of zero-waste design, creating handmade, affordable clothing and accessories from 100% recycled materials. Additionally, Story Wear empowers socially disadvantaged women by only employing street tailors, second-time job seekers, and experienced artisans to craft its garments.

For SS24, Story Wear was inspired by the number “0,” with a collection reflecting the brand’s core values of Art, Fashion, Craftsmanship, and Sustainability. Throughout the collection, recycled fabrics (particularly denim) and up-cycled designs were heavily utilized. Every piece is a testament to creativity and eco-conscious design innovation, seamlessly blending fashion with environmental responsibility. The brand’s ethos is ever present throughout the collection, with slogans such as “Love Earth & Fashion” and “Less is More” artfully embroidered throughout various garments.

TUNGSUNGCHIEN: Embracing Imperfection through Fashion
TANGTSUNGCHIEN – Taipei Fashion Week SS24
TUNGSUNGCHIEN: Embracing Imperfection through Fashion - Taipei Fashion Week SS24.

TUNGSUNGCHIEN is a designer renowned internationally for drawing inspiration from the human body and its flaws (from the cellular level to the visible signs of aging) to craft his collections. For SS24, the designer continues his intriguing experimentation with fine fabrics and textures, creating a breathtaking play of dimension and volume. Throughout the collection, ruffles cascaded like chaotic waves, adding a touch of whimsy, while intricate textures hinted at the complexity of the human body. The collection is a poetic interpretation of human intricacies, embracing both fragility and strength in every meticulously crafted garment.

PCES: Where Culture, Diversity and Technology Converge
PCES – Taipei Fashion Week SS24 – Guild Magazine
PCES: Where Culture, Diversity and Technology Converge - Taipei Fashion Week SS24.

For SS24, PCES delved into a color palette of white, black, and grays, channeling gothic and punk rock fashion influences. Walking down the runway (past colorful food stalls echoing the dynamic lifestyle and diverse society of Taipei), models were dressed in monochromatic garments that embodied the rebellious spirit of youth culture and featured details such as black and white lace, silver chains, furry tops and gloves, and digital printing that used innovative ways to reduce environmental impact. Each garment featured an edgy silhouette, adding a hint of mystery and raw energy to the collection.

BOB Jian: Crafting Wonders with Fashion
BOB Jian – Taipei Fashion Week SS24 – Guild Magazine
Singer Karencici performs for BOB Jian during Taipei Fashion Week SS24.

Another of our personal favorites, BOB Jian, continues to captivate and impact with each of his new collections, making his shows one of the most anticipated each season. For SS24, BOB Jian’s collection “Wondering” becomes a testament to high fashion evolution. The fierce color palette and intricate prints capture all spectators’ attention, blending artistry with wearability. The impeccable tailoring highlights garments that boldly play with gender fluidity, redefining traditional norms. Each stitch and silhouette tell a story of intricate craftsmanship, reflecting the brand’s dedication to pushing boundaries and showcasing the characteristic flamboyant personality of BOB Jian. The show reached its zenith with the appearance of popular singer Karencici, who wore an ensemble specially custom-made by BOB Jian. – GM

Images courtesy of Taipei Fashion Week.


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