The Art of Food

The Art of Food July 5, 2018
Memories of France. “The bread which became known as the baguette first appeared in its most primitive form in the eighteenth century, then experienced a number of refinements and variations before being (officially) given that name in 1920.” - Historian Jim Chevallier (from About the Baguette: Exploring the Origin of a French National Icon). Picture: Guild Magazine - Copyright 2018.
Pineapple Aloha Splash. Although not inherently a fruit of Hawai'i, pineapples have come to be recognized as a fruit of the islands. John Kidwell is credited with the introduction of the pineapple industry to Hawai'i. It can be enjoyed with Li'hing Mui, a red plum powder used to garnish pineapples and other fruits. Picture: Guild Magazine - Copyright 2018.
Spice Up the Darkness. The spice trade developed throughout South Asia and Middle East with cinnamon and black pepper approx. 4000 years ago, and in East Asia with herbs and pepper. Not just for cooking, spices have been used throughout history for different purposes. Early uses were associated with magic, medicine, religion, traditions, and preservation. In ancient Egypt, herbs were used for mummification. The Egyptian demand for exotic spices and herbs helped stimulate world trade. - Linda Murdock (From “A Busy Cook's Guide to Spices: How to Introduce New Flavors to Everyday Meals”). Picture: Guild Magazine - Copyright 2018.
Zen Food Garden. Guild Magazine - Copyright 2018
Zen Food Garden. Guild Magazine - Copyright 2018



Camera: Nikon D850

Lens: Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8G ED

Strobes: Profoto B1 x 3

Modifiers: Profoto 5′ rfi Octa Softbox

Creative Direction by Jonathan Valdez

Photography by Jose Morales

Photography Assistant: Luis De Jesus

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