Important Notice

Important message from the Guild Team - your safety is important to us.

Hi everyone,

We have received emails from some people stating that someone by the name of Ashely Williams has tried to scout them as models for Guild Magazine. This person does not work for Guild Magazine. This is something that happens often in this industry: scammers reaching out to potential models stating they work for a major publication in order to take advantage of them. Guild Magazine only works with a selected number of modeling agencies, and does not reach out to individuals for modeling. We diligently protect the models we work with because we know how vicious this industry can be. Our process for choosing a model is very guarded, and overseen only by specific directors within our publication. Please, be always careful when you receive emails from “scouts,” or anyone involved in the fashion/entertainment industry. Do your careful research, and always reach out to the publication or agency directly if you have any questions or doubts.

NOTE: Any emails from the Guild Team will come from a @guildmagazine.com email address.

Please do not reply to any emails claiming to be from Guild Magazine if it doesn’t come from a @guildmagazine.com email address.

If you have any concerns about whether an email is coming from Guild Magazine, please contact us.

Be safe,

The Guild Team.

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