Guild Magazine The Travel Issue is available now in premium print & digital formats!

Guild Magazine The Travel Issue is available now in premium print & digital formats! May 6, 2019
Guild Magazine The Travel Issue ft Venice
Guild Magazine The Travel Issue ft Venice
Guild Magazine Manuela Frey in Fashion Editorial
Guild Magazine The Travel Issue ft Pritika Swarup



Growing up in a small town as I did, there might come a point in life when you dream of traveling around the world. The travel bug comes and goes but never leaves your mind until you finally decide to take the first step and explore the world.

The third issue of Guild Magazine is created by a team of people passionate about traveling. We look to share our experiences and memories with those who might not have the opportunity to travel or the possibilities of seeing all the beauty the world has to offer. It is our goal for them to live the world through our pages. We also aim to spark the curiosity for traveling in those who might not have dared to allow the travel bug to take a bite!

In this issue, we take you with us to Scandinavia: from the picturesque harbor of Nyhavn in Copenhagen, Denmark to some of the must-visit places in Stockholm, Sweden. We also fly you to beloved Venice to explore its famous carnival. If the beach-life is what you love, you will surely fall in love with Santorini, Greece and its beautiful beaches, and sunsets. If a more spiritual, but adventurous experience is what you are searching for, Tibet will mesmerize you. Finally, if you decide to stay within the 50 states of the United States, we take you with us to San Diego and some of our favorite places in this lovely city.

In this issue, we are also honored to bring you artists with a focus on streetscape art, showcasing stunning paintings of Paris, New York City, Edinburgh, and more. And, talking about Edinburgh, we take you with us to the legendary Balmoral and inside its stunning Scone and Crombie suite.

If a travel-foodie is what you are, you will not want to miss our feature of one of Chicago’s best chefs, Chef Victor Martínez. From Chicago, we fly to Waikiki, Hawaii, and bring you to Herringbone Waikiki: Hawaii’s best new restaurant.

One of The Guild Team’s greatest mission is to promote cultural knowledge and respect; to empower you, our readers, with the information needed to explore the world. Buckle up, and let the travel bug take you over! GM



I am delighted to introduce Guild Magazine’s Travel Issue. We are lucky enough to live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm, and adventure. Being Guild Magazine’s UK Travel and Culture Director, I am fortunate enough to share my travel experiences from this side of the pond. In this issue, I take you to Edinburgh’s most iconic hotel and whisk you away to one of the most mesmerizing islands that Greece has to offer.

Personally, I feel travel is fundamental, not only in growing one’s identity but also opening your eyes to the possibilities that the world has to offer. Travel has the ability to ignite all of the senses, to enhance one’s life and leave a lasting degree of fulfillment. It is my hope that sharing these travel experiences with you allows you to enjoy that same fulfillment, and provide the inspiration for your next adventure. – GM

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